NANO Workshop: from Materials design to devices fabrication


Welcome to NANOWS'2019

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Welcome to the 1st edition of NANOWORKSHOP (NANOWS'2019) to be held in Fez during May 07-10, 2019.

NANOWS’2019 will address a range of important areas in relation to Nanomaterials design and synthesis as well as Nanofabrication.




Dr. (Pr.Phys.) Mohammed Khenfouch (UNISA, South Africa)


Professor Izeddine Zorkani (USMBA, Morocco)

Professor Anouar Jorio (USMBA, Morocco)


Professor Khalid Rahmani (FPBM, Morocco)


Technical committee

Prof. Sanae Zriouel (FPBM, Morocco)
Ms. Safae M'zred (USMBA, Morocco)
Ms. Sanae Janati Edrissi (USMBA, Morocco)
Dr. Issam Derkaoui (USMBA, Morocco)
Mr. Mohamed Achehboune (USMBA, Morocco)
Mr. Issam Boukhoubza (USMBA, Morocco)
Mr. Chrafih Younes (FPBM, Morocco)
Mr. Mohammed Al-Hattab (FPBM, Morocco)

Important information


Registration deadline: May 05, 2019.

Limited to 30 Participants.


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free of charges

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